senpai still hasn't noticed me

My view from class isn’t so bad but these full day Mondays really make me miss coffee.

Orange Is the New Black (2013)
♥154028 "i honestly don’t remember doing that"

— me about 85% of the things i’ve done (via jaclcfrost)

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In high school ya gotta learn that if you’re late you might as well be hella late and go have some breakfast or some shit

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Can you appreciate that this is an animated drawing of someone drawing and it’s fucking perfect.

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Lara Stone by Nico for Madame Figaro October 2013


Im laughing so hard what could photo bloggers possibly have to fight about… “wow i cant believe you reblogged that mountain pic when you’re blog is water themed unfollows”

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please just watch this

"It’s one second." I said
"It can’t possible be that great."
I was wrong.

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